Sitting in a SDT
Waiting for an underground train
To rumble underneath my feet
Bang goes another day
Where it went
I could not say
Now I'll have to wait another week
When all is said and all is done
What was said was never done
Don't panic
It's not really worth your while
Bang goes another year
In and out of one ear
Everybody's doing it
So do it too
I don't need anyone
But a little love
Would make things better
Sitting on the early bus
Passing through the morning rush
It makes no difference
That I'm not with you
Bang goes another year
In and out of one ear
Everybody is doing it
I'll do it too
I Know

De retour de New York au printemps 1990, Stephen Street est engagé pour finir la moitié restante du premier album. Bang était prévu par Food comme 3ème single. Elle fut écrite en un temps record -Alex parle de 15 minutes- à "The Premises" sur Hackney Road, un studio de jazz.

ALEX: "Ils crient encore pour l'avoir, en Italie"

DAMON: "There's just something about Bang, which is shit"
c'est pas nous qui l'avons dit, hein...


Sorti le 27 juillet 1991 atteignit la 24eme place dans les charts.