Ceci est en aucun cas une discographie exhaustive du groupe, mais seulement ce qui est réellement en notre possession.

Modern Life is Rubbish  
The Great Escape  
13 (the white box limited edition) N°085191+ N°110822
13 promo FOODCDJX29 N°4304
Think Tank édition limitée
Sorties Officielles  
The Special Collector Edition
Live At The Budokan Japan Only Official Album (8 Novembre 1995)  
Bustin' + Dronin'  
The Best Of (édition limitée avec live de Wembley)  
albums solo de Graham Coxon  
The Sky is Too High  
The Golden D  
Thank God For The Rain / You Never Will Be single
Crow Sit On Blood tree  
The Kiss Of Morning  
Transcopic Records promo (6 titres)  
limited edition 10 Years anniversary Boxset N°11258
End Of A Century UK:CDFOOD56
Country House UK:CDFOOD63
Stereotypes Australia
The Universal Japan Only single
Charmless Man
Charmless Man France/F : pm 110
Beetlebum UK:CDFOODS89
Song 2 (Get Out Of Cities; Polished Stone; Bustin'+Dronin'; Beetlebum (Mario Caldato Jr Remix); Beetlebum (instrumental); Country Sad Ballad Man & On Your Own Live Acoustic) Japan Mini Tour album
Song 2
On Your Own/Popscene Australia
Tender cd1UK:CDFOODS117
  cd2 UK:CDFOOD117
Coffee & TV cd1 UK:CDFOODS122
  cd2 UK:CDFOOD122
No Distance Left To Run cd1 UK:CDFOODS123
  cd2 UK:CDFOOD123
Music is my Radar cd1 UK:CDFOODS135
  cd2 UK:CDFOOD135
  West/East France/F:PM119
Out Of Time CDR 6606
  DvD single
Crazy Beat CDRS 6610
Crazy Beat DVDR 6610
Good Song CDR 6619
Good Song DVDR 6619
Popscene promo
Country House UK:FOOD63
Stereotypes promo
Charmless Man UK:FOOD77
Beetlebum Limited Red edition Food 89/8835707
Song2 Limited Purple edition Food 93/8838697
Tender N°09001
Coffee&TV UK:12FOOD122
Music is my Radar UK:12FOOD135
Think Tank sampler promo
Out Of Time UK: R 6606
Jesus Jones/Blur (TNOW)/Sensitize/Diesel/Park West/Whirlpool.

cd promo 91 Food Records, EMI France.
End Of A Century CDFOODDJ56
Parklife promo CDFOODDJ53
Country House promo CDFOODDJ63
To The End (avec Françoise Hardy) promo EMI Fr  SPCD 1839
Charmless Man promo EMI Fr  SPCD 1924
Beetlebum promo CDFOODDJ89
Death Of A Party promo
cd promo 3 titres (Dancehall/All Your Life/A Spell) EMI Fr limité à 5000 ex.
On Your Own promo CDFOODDJ98
Tender promo
  UK:CDFOODDJ117* emballage aluminium
Coffee&TV promo UK:CDFOODDJ122
No Distance Left To Run promo
15 on 13    interview promo cd CDIN117
Music Is My Radar promo UK:CDFOODDJ135
The Observer promo CD

enhanced cd with interview of the band
Jerusalem promo by Fat Less 2000 CDRDJ6540
blur: the best of....the interview CDIN133
Singles du fan-club officiel  
Death Of A Party (acoustic version)
I Love Her FC CD#2
Close FC CD#3
Sing (To Me) Featuring Seymour FC CD#4
B-Sides GIG E.P FC CD#5
Won't Do It (demo) / Come Together (demo) FC CD#6
B.O Trainspotting (Closet Romantic)
B.O Ravenous (Damon / Michael Nyman)  
B.O Ordinary Decent Criminal (Damon)  
Help (War Child cd compilation destinée à l'aide des enfants en Bosnie)  
Elastica (Damon appears on few songs playing keyboards as Dan Abnormal)  
Massive Attack's single "Angel" (Remix de Damon et Graham)  
Idlewild's single "Roseablity" (Graham's remix of "Rusty")  
Gorillaz "Tomorrow Comes Today" ep  
            "Clint Eastwood" single  
             album (Digipack ed. limitée) N°5320930
             19-2000 single  
B.O 101 Reykjavik (Damon / Einar örn Benediktsson)  
Mali Music (Damon / Afel Bocoum / Toumani Diabaté...)  
Sunset Coming On (single vynil, Honest Jon's Records)  
Circus "Hippy Children" featuring Damon Albarn  
Me Me Me "Hanging Around" featuring Alex James  
"Cowboy Song" from the Dead Man On A Campus soundtrack  
Don't Bomb When You Are The Bomb (Steve Lamaq's version)  
The Outsider