Crow Sit On Blood Tree


I could have laughed all night
When you said that to me
With your mud red eyes looking straight through me
Cause love is such an empty word
And life's hollow abd absurd
And I, I'll just never learn

I know you laughed all night
After you said that to me
You bared your teeth so white
Like you were hungry for me
And you, you're just so complete
And I, I'm just such a freak
And we, we just can't compete

I got that feeling and it's weighing me down
Like a really old, really old friend
Like a really old, old dirty friend

I could have cried all night
When you say that to me
Cause you have no right
To be talking to me
Cause love is just an empty word

And life's hollow abd absurd
And I, I'll just never learn
I feel the pressure and it's burning' me out
Like a really old, old dirty friend


I'm going away for just how long I can't stay
I'm going away for just where long I can't stay
I'm going away for just where long I can't stay


All has gone
Can't you see
Lights slipped on
Out of me

Never could see the spring time
Only believe in winter

Hair too long
Hard to see
Crow sit on
The blood tree
Skies black and blue
Ill treated
Even the mood
Feels cheated


This car broke down and it won't go anymore
This motorbike ain't got no wheels anymore
This roller coaster ain't no fun anymore
This skateboard burnt and just won't roll anymore

The spaceships came and blew away the town hall
The towns ripped up with people dead on the floor
The church fell down and there's no God any more

I'll take my money and burnt it down
This ain't si funny, I've had it now
I know you're gonna kill me man
Just tell me when it's gonna be

The tree is dead and it won't grow anymore
The park's on fire, the sun don't shine anymore
The zoo exploded at a quarter to four
And bits of monkeys fall like steaks at the door


When once there wae a nothing
The voices rang so true
The knowledge that was lacking
Cut innocence in two
Everything seemed too good to be right
When I was 16
I was too uptight

Now disappointment's shadow
Reveals a colder time
A harder kind of living
In disillusion
How can it go
The fear of a night
Now I am grown
I'm just too uptight

A slow and noble breakdown of personality
Careless, heartless, soulless,
No dignity
My days are flown
And I can't recall
Feeling so alone
Was I so uptight

Death creeps ever closer
A darkness falls in me
A scared fragmented loner
A night with no end
An echoing sea
i'll think about me
How I'm too uptight


Big bird
Big sad
No word
Big bad
Colours fill the floor
Leaving no more

Small lines
Small head
No mind
Long dead
Thoughts are hard to form
Pencilled on the door


Whenever I feel tired
I know you'll wake me up
And every time you cry
I put on my shirt and get up
Cause when I feel sad
You open my eyes
And makes me see inside
And the outside is never as bad


Every time I see you I got that feeling that I've seen you before
And each time I try to talk to you I just get the feeling that I'm being bore
And I'm sitting down with my hands on my head
And all I'm thinking about is a shadow falling over my mind
And I feel if I get to talk to you
Like something's gotta...Like the suns gotta shine

It's always been so diificult to talk to you in my small dark place
And everything I feel so strange about keeps on changing its shape
One day I might open my eyes and decide that I am dead
Until that day I'll just try and dream of you inside my head

You were soiled
You are now
I want you
To feel real blue

All my life I'm beginning to feel like
I'm running to where nothing really exists
And I...write a thought of mine on my t-shirt instead
I feel like a child, I put pen to paper and I'm beginning to cry
And all you can do is absorb my tears when I do not say bye bye

You're so good
You are mine
I'm so bad
When I don't shine

You're so fine out of time
You're so cruel to this fool
I wanna talk but all is blocked and I just don't know ever what to say
And every night I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming


Bonfires in forests, lamp lights in houses obscured
No cause for worry, no need to cry anymore
The skies become grey, but don't stay that way

The creatures you dream of and friends that you think of really care
So open your eyes now and look to the skies now,
they're all there
And trees are too shy
To ever to ask why


Saw the news in the afternoon
Nother war'll be coming soon
Man ripped up like a piece of paper
With his wife looking on and one to help her

Hammil says we're still in the dark ages
With people's greed and hating rages
The world don't learn so the world will burn
The world will burn cause the world won't learn

Looks like I'm gonna build my shelter again
Such a messed up world were living in today
Thank God for the rain, maybe it'll wash that scum away

Streets ain't safe in this town no more
Girl get hassle at her front door
Violence rising out of hand
Can't bring the kids in this land

Getting mugged on your way home
By kids with masks and knives tehy own
How long will it be till they got a gun
Shoot you down just like a dog for fun


Thought my sensitivity would be smashed
By some inner city wisdom trash
Instead my own phobia centricity is growing out of every bit of me
I like my home I don't want to move but maybe I'll be forced soon
to lock the door and board up the windows


People die nature replaces
You see the lives in all the faces
Of so-called lunatics and basket cases
Who'd hang themselves with their shoe laces
They have no place in that rat race
As society which just misplaces
Puts more importance on money not faces
And have its sleeves filled with all the aces



You never will be mine X 3
You never will be

When I get left alone
The streets offer me a home
So many times I've tried
To reach for the truth inside
Each time you close the door
I think I need you more and more
Just give me the time of day
I'll make yor hopes and dreams fall away X 2

You never will be mine X 3
You never will be

Your skin it justs drives me mad
Oh God I want you so bad
Wanna kiss your red hot lips
Push myself against your hips
Take me baby in your arms
Safe from all the damage, love and harm
Tie me up and don't let me go
Then fuck me nice and slow
Then fuck me nice and slow
Till I can't take anymore
Till I can't take it anymore


Walls bleed pictures bend their fractured frames
Features on canvas torn
Burning mirror breaking down to sand
Free from jails of form
The black water future I see
So hard to drain
The small child in everyone is forced to bleed
To live life again
To light ever closer to believe
Is only a place for grief
Every life's so small we call it precious
And every soul is so loved aboved

Days glide through a skin of open pores
Stretched on bended frames
Years long on sanded banks around your shores
Counting every grain
Words form poisoned worlds I never see
So hard too hear
Ring the bell of truth in every dream
No life, no fear
Every night brings disasters to our rooms
A life time inside you

All songs by Graham Coxon
EMI Music Publishing 2001